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social media marketer: social media marketing services

It seems like the world and his wife are using social media marketing to promote themselves these days. From sole traders to huge corporations, actors to politicians - anybody with something to share or sell has discovered that social networks like Twitter and Facebook can be fantastic marketing tools.

From a business point of view, social media marketing can play an important role in your day-to-day marketing activities. For a start, social media marketing costs next to nothing; learn how to do it effectively yourself, and all it'll cost is your time. But on the down side, time is a luxury you may not have.

If finding time to manage your social media marketing effectively is a problem, outsourcing your social media marketing management to a social media marketer (or a "social media manager", as we're sometimes called) can help you get your organisation 'liked', 'followed' and engaged in conversation with the very people who want to hear whatever it is you've got to say.

After all, even if you don't really see the point of social media marketing yourself, your customers probably do. And if your customers are on Twitter and Facebook, isn't that where you should be too?

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